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    The Los Angeles Unified STEAM Micro-Credentialing process prepares educators to effectively teach and support STEAM instruction. The ultimate goal of STEAM Micro-Credentialing is to cultivate accomplished STEAM educators who are able to enact positive change in their educational setting and improve achievement for students in Los Angeles Unified.


    Educators who successfully complete the Los Angeles Unified STEAM Micro-Credentialing process and earn a Los Angeles Unified STEAM Micro-Credential will demonstrate the following knowledge, skills, and dispositions:


    • Deeply understand the California Content Standards, especially the Next Generation Science Standards, and the implications of these standards and shifts in teaching and learning in a 21st Century STEAM classroom

    • Design and deliver rigorous, real-life, relevant, and engaging interdisciplinary performance tasks

    • Leverage instructional technology to create and deliver interdisciplinary progressions of learning with high impact instructional strategies and arts embedded to enhance learning

    • Continuously plan, deliver, reflect and revise their instruction

    • Collaborate and lead the building of partnerships that support all students

    Over the span of one school year, participants seeking the Los Angeles Unified STEAM Micro-Credential engage as a community of practice in 105 hours of coursework that is blended and personalized. The 105 hours of coursework consists of three courses of two modules each. All courses are offered in a hybrid format with 30 hours of face-to-face, instructor-led training; 45 hours of self-paced, high-quality eLearning content training online; and 30 hours of homework and fieldwork. Throughout the process, educators produce five Evidence of Learning Artifacts (EOLAs) to demonstrate mastery and application of their learning in their setting. Additionally, educators complete a Capstone that requires them to document the enactment of one EOLA in their setting, reflect on their work, and identify next steps and resources for their future growth. All courses are infused with Digital Media Literacy and the instructional technology support educators need to effectively leverage digital tools in their setting.



    How Does STEAM Micro-Credentialing Work in Los Angeles Unified?



    STEAM Micro-Credentialing 2018-2019 Cohort Yearbook


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    STEAM Assessment Face-to-Face Session Highlight Video

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