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  • What's New in the LMS

    Learn more about new and upcoming features within the Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology. Principals, teachers, and other LMS users can view all the latest LMS Updates by visiting this page periodically. New features include digital content integration, design changes, improved assessment tools, and much more.

  • Add Learning Objectives to External Tools

    Posted by PLS Team on 7/10/2020

    Teachers can now align learning objectives to any External Tool in course materials. Teachers can align Common Core, State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, or Custom Learning Objectives for elementary schools.

    To align an external tool:

    1. Select Add Materials > Add File/Link/External Tool
    2. Select External Tool

    Add Materials    External Tool

    *Notice the new Learning Objective section.

    1. Select the Align button
    2. Follow the learning objective alignment workflow to align one or more learning objectives to the External Tool. For elementary teachers, refer to the video on creating assignments.
    3. Select Submit to create the new External Tool material. The aligned learning objectives appear in the course material view under the assignment title.

    External Tool edit

    It is important to note that scores for an External Tool will be distributed across all learning objectives aligned to the External Tool material. Scores are not able to be applied differently to each aligned objective.

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  • New Single Sign-on Screen

    Posted by PLS Team on 6/4/2020 4:00:00 PM

    LA Unified will be implementing an updated Single Sign-on screen for all students and employees when logging in to the LMS, Schoology.  You may have encountered this screen when accessing any MiSiS or Schoology job aids or when using the web version of Outlook when checking your email. After June 13, 2020, when visiting and selecting either ‘Student’ or ‘Employee,’ users will no longer be redirected to the ‘Blue’ single sign-on page.  Instead, users will see the updated login page (see images below).  To learn more about new and upcoming features within the Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology, visit


    Current View  

    New View 1   new2

    Thank you

    The Personalized Learning Systems Department

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  • Teaching Matters partnership with LA Unified

    Posted by PLS Team on 4/29/2020 1:00:00 PM

    LA Unified and Teaching Matters are working to provide optional standards-aligned, student-facing activities for K-8 teachers to facilitate remote instruction. The activities offered by Teaching Matters are fully accessible on any computer, smartphone, or tablet and are customizable to fit your classroom’s needs. The following resources are now available to assist you in using these new resources:

    1. Job Aid:
    2. Website:
    3. Video:
    4. Webinars: Teaching Matters Webinars
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  • New School User Analytics!

    Posted by PLS Team on 4/15/2020 6:00:00 AM

    Schoology will release an improved Usage Analytics experience on April 15, 2020, that will provide users with better insights on the overall usage of the Learning Management System (LMS). The Usage Analytics feature is available to users with the Principal and School Support roles.

    Users will be able to:

    • Track Schoology usage across web, iOS app, and Android app use.
    • Track time students spend on materials.
    • Easily export data collected on/after August 1, 2019, in a friendlier format.
    • View data through dashboards.

    To access Usage Analytics:

    1. Click Tools in the header at the top of Schoology.
    2. Click Usage Analytics.

    usage analytics

    For a comprehensive description of the improved School Analytics experience, go to 

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  • New Feature! QR Codes for PreK-2 Students

    Posted by PLS Team on 3/10/2020 10:00:00 AM

    We are pleased to announce that the login page for the Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology,, will now include a link for K-2 students to log in using a Schoology QR code. This new login option will provide K-2 students the ability to log in to Schoology using a QR code through any computer/mobile device with an enabled webcam.  The QR code will provide students with simplified login access to instructional materials in the LMS. Instructions for generating Schoology QR codes can be found at and at or by viewing the following video at http:///

    New Picker Page

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  • The LAUSD Digital Library is now in Schoology!

    Posted by PLS Team on 2/21/2020 8:30:00 AM

    The LAUSD Digital Library app is now accessible through Schoology with your Single Sign-On! The LAUSD Digital Library is a collection of LA Unified’s online subscription databases for research. Access resources like Gale, EBSCO, Worldbook, and TeachingBooks within the app. You can find a direct link for this library through the App Center menu icon in Schoology. After clicking the LAUSD Digital Library app, you will be redirected to Clever to select the desired database you would like to use. 

    Digital library

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  • Schoology is moving away from Adobe Flash technology!

    Posted by PLS Team on 1/7/2020 11:45:00 AM

    Schoology’s Audio/Video recorder was previously an Adobe Flash plug-in application. Schoology has now upgraded its audio/video player to a new format. With this new update, you will experience a new look to the interface, and will no longer receive the prompt to download or enable Flash when using the recorder. The changes to the interface can be found in the linked document below.

    Audio/Video Recorder Updates

    Audio/Video Changes
    Old View New View
     Old image New image  
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  • OneAccess for Schoology Role Management

    Posted by PLS Team on 8/20/2019

    School-based certificated and classified employees can request Schoology user roles via the OneAccess application at Principals manage and approve staff requested roles using OneAccess. 

    All certificated school staff are assigned a default system role based on their current HR assignment.  New roles and access will be active upon principal approval in OneAccess. 

    A job aid for using OneAccess is available at We also have a Schoology Roles and Permissions Guide with details about each Schoology role available.

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  • Accessing Digital Content within the LMS

    Posted by PLS Team on 8/6/2019

    Teachers and students can access digital content within the learning management system, Schoology.  The LMS App Center provides a catalog of L.A. Unified’s approved digital content and textbook titles available.

    Teachers can access the LMS App Center directly within Schoology by clicking on the App Center icon on the top navigation bar and selecting **LMS App Center**. A “Getting Started Guide” is also available with instructions on how to incorporate these materials into a Schoology course.

    To view the LMS App Center and learn more about digital content integration, please visit the Personalized Learning Systems website,

    To learn more about using the LMS App Center, please watch the following video overview.

    App Center

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  • Secondary Grade Passback in Schoology

    Posted by PLS Team on 8/5/2019

    Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, the ability to enter and edit report card grades/marks in MiSiS will no longer be available to secondary teachers on comprehensive campuses. Secondary teachers must enter progress and final report card grades and comment codes using the ‘MiSiS Grade Passback’ app within Schoology. 

    This change only affects grade entry for teachers at comprehensive secondary campuses. Teachers at Options and Continuation schools and other school staff will still be able to enter grades directly within MiSiS using the ‘Manage Grades by Class’ screen.

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