• Attendance Matters Day 2019 Attendance Matters Day 2019
    The Los Angeles Unified School District will be hosting its 11th year of LAUSD conducting home visits, phone banking and community canvassing. Attendance Matters Day (AMD), formerly called Student Recovery Day, will be held on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. The purpose of Attendance Matters Day is to celebrate our students who attend school every day, to make a concerted effort to identify students who are chronically absent or at risk of dropping-out, and to re-enroll those who have left our schools.

    LAUSD Local District and school staff will join forces with community partners across the District. Last year, Student Health and Human Services staff, with the assistance of 381 volunteers, outreached to over 2,800 families.  The AMD 10 team made 1993 phone calls, conducted 842 home visits, and outreached to 233 local businesses in a single day. Attendance Matters Day 10 was an incredible success.

    Attendance Matters Day is an opportunity for schools to receive additional district and community support for their work with at-risk student populations. All LAUSD staff are welcomed to volunteer for this all day event. Please be sure to register early, as the number of volunteers will be limited to 50 persons per school. If you have any questions regarding Attendance Matters Day, please contact Pupil Services at (213) 241-3844.
    Click here to register for Attendance Matters Day
    Note: Registrants must use the Google Chrome browser to register for this event.

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