• IT Contracts Unit


    The IT Contracts team is responsible for coordinating all acquisitions of technology-related goods, general services and professional services. The team is responsible for managing the Division's contracting activities which includes:

    • acting as the Division's liaison with Procurement Services Division (PSD)
    • providing guidance on District Procurement policies and procedures
    • performing due diligence and advise on terms and conditions
    • drafting, negotiating and reviewing solicitation and contractual documents with Sponsors

    Contact your IT Contracts team member or email ITD-Bids@lausd.net for any questions or concerns.

Name Title E-Mail Phone
Gus Tiongco augustus.tiongco@lausd.net 213-241-1309
Kirstin Hofhine IT Project Manager kirstin.hofhine@lausd.net 213-241-3724
Jonathan Lam Senior Administrative Analyst jonathan.lam@lausd.net 213-241-0123
Emily Duong Administrative Services Manager emily.duong@lausd.net 213-241-0368
Karen Ly Administrative Analyst Karen.Ly@lausd.net 213-241-0413

  • List of Current and Past ITD Informal Solicitations 

  • List of Formal Solicitations | Refer to list below

List of Frequently Used NIGP Commodity/Services Code (Technology only)

NIGP Codes Category
L00038 ITD-related Products and Services

Informal Request for Proposal (IRFP) - Attachments

Other Procurement Documents and ITD Templates

ITD Onboarding and Exiting Policy Documents