Local School Empowerment Workshops

    Schools interested in having more autonomy over local decisions, to better meet the needs of their students, may choose to send a School Design Team to required sessions.  Explore the three current autonomy models:  Local Initiative Schools (LIS), Expanded School Based Management Model (ESBMM), and Pilot.  Workshop 1 is an Overview of the three autonomous models.  Workshop 2 walks participants through wiritng a Request for Proposal (RFP).  School Design Teams MUST attend BOTH sessions (Workshop 1 and 2, in any of the locations listed).


    Workshop 1: Overview

          Date                                           Location

    Monday, March 4          Gardner Elementary School

    Thursday, March 7        LD East (PLC 1)

    Monday, March 11        Roscoe PDC


    Workshop 2:  Writing a Request for Proposal

          Date                                            Location

    Thursday, April 4        Gardner Elementary School

    Monday, April 8          LD East (PLC 1)

    Thursday, April 11      Roscoe PDC 


    Representatives from a school must attend BOTH WORKSHOPS before a school is eligible to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) and proposal for one of the Autonomy Models.


    Local Options Oversight Committee (LOOC) workshops are open to all:  principal, chapter chair, teachers, classified staff, and parents from your school.


    For more information, call (213) 241-8700



     Do we need to know what we want to do before we attend?

    No, come and learn about the available options - NO OBLIGATION!


    Who should attend?

    These workshops are open to all:  Principal, Chapter Chair, Teachers, Classified Staff, Parents -- a diverse Design Team provides different perspectives.


    Do we need to attend ALL sessions?

    School teams must attend ONE scheduled date of each session in order to qualify to submit a proposal.  So, you must attend one of the scheduled Workshop 1 - Overview dates, and one of the scheduled Workshop 2 - Writing a RFP dates.  You may choose the date/location that will work best for you.



    All schools interested in applying to become a Pilot School must do the following:


    1. Attend the Autonomous Schools Workshops (1 and 2).  (See Local Options Oversights Committee website for more information)
    2. Submit a Letter of Intent by Friday, September 6, 2019; 5:00 pm
    3. Submit a completed Pilot School proposal by noon on Friday, October 18, 2019.


    2019-20 Pilot School Request for Proposal

    Pilot School RFP Rubric


    For assistance or questions, please call (213) 241-8700 and speak with one of the Local Options Oversight Committee (LOOC) team members.