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  • Summer Term


The Schoology gradebook and LMS will be available for the High School Summer Term (Credit Recovery), secondary Extended School Year (ESY), Summer Bridge, and Title III newcomer programs and courses at



No. Schoology will not be available for the ELOS program.




Summer principals, counselors, teachers, students, and parents in the High School (Credit Recovery), ESY, Summer Bridge, and Title III summer programs will have access to Schoology..




No. Clerical staff will not have access to Schoology.




Yes. Student will have access to all courses they are enrolled through their LAUSD student email (MyMail) account. Students will need their student email (MyMail) account login in order to have access to the platform.




A new “MyMail PIN” feature has been developed to enable teacher to access student PINs directly from within the course in Schoology.  When viewing a course in Schoology, click on “MyMail PIN” on the left navigation menu to view the student roster and associated PIN numbers. Teachers can provide the PIN and instructions to the student for resetting their MyMail/SSO password using this guide: Student SSO Password Reset Guide for Students.

A job aid for using the new “MyMail PIN” feature in Schoology to retrieve student PINs is available here:


Yes. Parents will have access to summer courses through the LAUSD Parent Portal. Parents who do not have an account will need to set up their Parent Portal account as indicated in this how-to video available at



No. Day-to-day substitute teachers will not be provided with access to the gradebook.




Yes, all summer sections, student section enrollment, and teacher assignments that have been committed to the master schedule in MiSiS will be available in Schoology.




Yes.  Teachers can use the save a course to resources option in Schoology and then copy course materials into a summer course. Teachers can also access archived courses and then copy the resources to a current course.



Teachers will be provided access to Schoology based on their assignment for the summer course in MiSiS. Check with the summer principal or counselor to verify you are assigned in the master schedule. Changes made in MiSiS become visible in Schoology the next school day. If you are assigned to the course in MiSiS correctly and still cannot see the course in Schoology, contact the MiSiS Help Desk for more assistance..




Yes, the course, student roster, and its gradebook become available to the newly assigned teacher once the summer principal or designee assigns the teacher to the course section in MiSiS.




Courses and the gradebook roster will be available to teachers seven (7) days prior to the summer term start date when the teacher is assigned to the course on Master Schedule in MiSiS.




All core features of Schoology will be available during the summer term including, the online gradebook, course rosters, MiSiS Grade Passback, school and course updates, calendar, etc.




The “MiSiS Grade Passback” app will be available to submit grades from Schoology to the summer progress and final report cards. Only the teacher of record that is assigned to the section in MiSiS can use the “MiSiS Grade Passback” feature. The “MiSiS Grade Passback” app will be available when the summer grading window is open.




The MiSiS grade entry screens will still be available if needed at Please consult with your summer principal regarding grades submission procedures during summer term.




A variety of resources are available at the PLS website at, including “how-to” videos, FAQs, and job aids.




The MiSiS Help Desk is available to provide technical assistance if needed. Please call (213) 241-5200 (select Option 5, Option 1) or visit the PLS website at




  • If you were unable to find your answer please create an online MiSiS  ticket.