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The feature is not available in Schoology. Teachers will need to take attendance in MiSiS.



You can reorder your courses by proceeding with the following:

1. Select the course drop down menu

2. Click on the up and down arrow icon

3. Use the arrow next to the courses to drag and drop your preferred order

4. Save changes


For additional information follow the link below:

Reorder Courses Video



In your course, proceed with the following:

1. Click Members
2. Select Inactive
3. Click on Bar Graph by the student's name





Schoology does not have the feature to customize the order of student names in the gradebook. Currently students appear with their First Name and Last Name.



Yes, a "Sandbox" is provided to every teacher. Teachers will be able to view their courses and student rosters six days before the semester begins.


No. Teachers will not lose any content that was created in their Basic Schoology account; however, they may notice slight changes in LMS functionality.


  • If you were unable to find your answer please create an online MiSiS  ticket.