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  • Schoology Access for Teachers

Teachers, administrators, and support staff that carry a MiSiS roster already have a Schoology account. Employees that are new to a school and will carry a MiSiS roster must request access to MiSiS via EZ Access. Once the scheduling administrator assigns a MiSiS class schedule to the employee, the employee's Schoology account will automatically be provisioned by the following day.


For additional information follow the link below:



Teachers who have a Basic Schoology account will have their account merged with their LAUSD Enterprise Schoology account.



The log-on screen for the Online Gradebook in Schoology has not been integrated into the MiSiS teacher screen. In the future, only one login will be required.



Courses will be automatically created. Students will be automatically assigned to their courses in Schoology. Nothing is required from school sites other than creating an accurate master schedule.



MiSiS will continue to be used for all other activities related to student information.


  • If you were unable to find your answer please create an online MiSiS  ticket.