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No. Certificated district employees have access to Schoology. Short term substitutes will not be able to access the Schoology Course nor the Gradebook. Long term substitutes (in assignment for 21 day or more) can be added to MiSiS and will have access to the Schoology Course and Gradebook within 24-48 hours.



No. Students courses are provisioned by MiSiS.



Yes. All certificated staff members are automatically provisioned as teachers. As a principal, you may grant “School Support” access to other certificated staff members at your school site via EZ Access.


Yes. As a principal, you are the only one who can grant “School Support” access to other certificated staff members at your school site via EZ Access.


As a Principal you have a Principal user role.

There will be future enhancements to assist you in accessing gradebooks through Schoology as well as in an Ad Hoc Dashboard Report.

Teachers can give you access to their gradebook using a course access code.


On the left navigation menu, click on the “Advisee” tab and search the student’s name. Grades will populate for all courses the student is enrolled in during the academic semester.


On the left navigation menu, teachers have two options. Option 1 is to use ‘Update’. Option 2 is to use the Course Options > Send message. Both methods generate an email but the first option appears on the student’s homepage, course page, message, and email. The second option generates a message and email only.



Please refer to this video: How to Retrieve Student Grades


A print gradebook feature is currently in the testing environment and being finalized. At the moment, teachers can export their gradebook to an Excel file.


Please refer to the following documents:

Online Gradebook Notification Letter

MEM-5788.6 PD Priorities and Banked Time Tuesdays Secondary Schools

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