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    Planning to be College Ready


    It is never too early to start planning for college!  As part of schools’ college-going culture, there are many activities that students at every grade level can do. As they progress through the grades, they will build college knowledge and self-perception as college bound scholars.


    1.  College Readiness Curriculum
    In order for students to start paving the road to college, L.A. Unified has brought together an array of lessons and best practices that can be utilized in all grades from K – 12.

    These are found in Elementary, Middle, and High School guides. Click on the title to access the document:  

    a.  Elementary School College Awareness Experiences
    b.  Middle School College Awareness Experiences
    c.  High School College Awareness Experiences

    2.  Senior Booklet 
    All high schools have been provided with the Senior College Booklet, Class of 2019. Click here to download the Senior College Booklet.  If needed, schools should contact their Local District College Counseling Coordinator to request more Senior College Booklets.

    3.  Other Resources:
    The Plan Ahead website contains videos, curriculum and student success stories that are teacher and student-friendly.  For more information visit the Plan Ahead website. 

    The California State University system supports postsecondary readiness with “How To Get to College” resources for grades 9 through 12.  For more information visit the California State University website. 

    University of California, Office of the President (UCOP) is committed to making higher education available to all California students.  For a variety of college access and preparation materials, visit the UCOP website and locate the College access and preparation link.  

    Professionals who support students who are or have been in foster care can visit the California College Pathways website to learn about campus housing resources and support services, financial aid, etc. There is also information on L.A. Community Colleges, UC and CSU systems, and vocational education options.

    School staff who work within the Special Education departments can visit the L.A. District Office of Transition Services website to find resources for transitioning to postsecondary life. 


    4.  Early and Elementary Education
    L.A. Unified’s youngest students are college bound! Educators are encouraged to visit the Early Childhood Education website for direction on best practices for developmentally appropriate and challenging educational programs that integrate learning opportunities with high expectations.

    The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has a 50-page downloadable resource with lessons for grades K through


    5.  For more information, visit the NACAC website.




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