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    Dreamers and Undocumented Students

    Students that are undocumented or under-documented and face many legal hurdles in the United States. California is one of at least 18 states in the United States that has laws that support the educational endeavors of California DREAMers. State laws (such as AB540, SB 130, SB 131, AB 1899, AB 2000, SB 1210) have increased access and equity to financial resources that make a post-secondary education much more attainable within the state of California and its three tiers of public institutions.
    Increasingly, more independent (private) colleges and universities across the United States with large endowments are also clearing financial obstacles for this population of students so that they can attend their schools without the need and worry of student loans nor housing and food insecurity. Some even provide travel stipends, which can ease financial burdens for these students and their families.
    This section is intended to provide support for any LAUSD educator worthing with our students.  It will go into concise detail, providing you with deep dive into the necessary knowledge base to best support DREAMers at your campus and that you can quickly reference when you forget the details. You will also be able to understand nuances and challenges that DREAMers encounter and how to best provide support and solutions. 
    NOTE:  When working to support students in the college application process, it is imperative to check with the source website to make sure information is as accurate and updated as possible. 
    In addition, please emphasize to students to provide factual information on their application in their college admissions process. Any false information can lead to a reversal in enrollment or financial aid awards, and if discovered during an immigration vetting process, can disqualify a person from any sort of potential new federal immigration legislation, with the potential for deportation. As a counselor or teacher, we should seek to alleviate student fears of honesty and assure them that honest information is secure from federal immigration authorities and that only the student has the right to release information to any federal agency under FERPA.




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