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    Exploring Careers


     L.A. Unified has a wide range of programs that engage students in real-world learning experiences. High school career-based programs such as Linked Learning and classes through the Division of Adult and Career Education prepare them to enter rewarding careers, and continue their education path through technical higher education courses.


    1. Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP)
    During the ninth grade, students shall be given the opportunity to explore and evaluate interests skills, talents, and abilities, and an opportunity to identify the industries and careers that they would like to pursue. As part of the annual IGP process, counselors will document students’ career pathway, which is aligned to Career Technical Education (CTE) courses available at the school site. 

    2. Career Technical Education (CTE)
    The graduation requirements for L.A. Unified include Career Pathway Selections.  The Career Technical Education unit in the Division Of Instruction assists with California Partnership Academies, Career Technical Education, Secondary Perkins Funding, and work experience for L.A. Unified middle and high school students.  


    Follow this link for FAQs about CTE programs and the Career and Technical Student


    Other Helpful Links:


    Organizations (CTSOs)


    L.A. Unified students can also visit the Career Cruising website:  a self-exploration and planning program that helps students achieve their potential in school, explore careers, and plan for life after high school.


    Students can visit the In MyNextMove.org website and search by careers, keyword, industry, and by the type of work they enjoy.


    3. Work Experience Education


    L.A. Unified has a dynamic Work Experience Education (WEE) program that students can access throughout high school. Students may participate in a variety of Work Experience (General, Exploratory and Vocational) and receive support and instruction in the Work Experience classes taught at the school sites. In work-based learning, students develop a variety of valuable skills: 

         •    Basic Skills 

         •    Thinking Skills 

         •    Interpersonal Skills 

         •    Workplace Competencies

     To learn more, visit Work Experience Education Office Home page

    4. Linked Learning

    L.A. Unified has multiple middle and high schools that offer Linked Learning programs. Participation in Linked Learning prepares students to graduate from high school and succeed in a full range of options after graduation, including two-year or four-year colleges, certification programs, apprenticeships, military service, or formal job training. Linked Learning students engage in hands-on, relevant learning and can also take part in internships and classes for college credit, as available at their school site.

     In Linked Learning, Students follow career-themed Pathways, in fields such as Engineering and Architecture; Arts, Media and Entertainment; or Health Science and Medical Technology. Linked Learning pathways fulfill L.A. Unified’s CTE graduation requirement. To learn more, visit Linked Learning Office home page



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