Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department

  • 4th Grade Integrated ELD/Math
    This video features Sheila Salley, 4th Grade teacher at Charnock Road Elementary in Local District West, who successfully completed the MMED 2016 Integrated ELD/Math Elementary Teacher Fellowship. The video highlights the essential components of an Integrated ELD/Math Three Phase lesson in addition to three protocols—Three Reads, Math Interview, and Math Summit—designed to support ELs with applying Constructive Conversation Skills as they engage in problem-solving and math discourse.
  • Part 1: Introduction & Before Phase

    In the lesson opening, teacher highlights lesson objectives, orients students to academic and domain specific language they will apply during the lesson, reviews the Constructive Conversation Skills and Norms, and begins the Before Phase of the lesson - The time before students solve the problem.

  • Part 2: Prepare To Solve


    Three Reads Protocol - Students apply Constructive Conversation Skills as they work to make sense of the problem and generate a plan to solve it. Teacher guides students through multiple reads of the problem - each with a specific purpose - to understand the story, to understand the math, and to generate a plan.


  • Part 3: Persevere to Solve
    During Phase of the Lesson is the time which students work on the problem. Students work to solve the problem independently and the teacher provides feedback as needed by asking questions to focus, assess, and advance student thinking.
  • Part 4: Prepare for the Math Interview
    Teacher prepare students to interview each other about their approach to the problem. Teacher models Constructive Conversation. A model Constructive Conversation is a scaffold that provide students with a model of what their conversation should sound like. Students listen to the Model Constructive Conversation. Teacher debriefs the Model Constructive Conversation and highlights the academic language students will apply during their math interview.
  • Part 5: After Phase - Interpret and Critique Solutions
    After Phase of the lesson is the discussion after students work on the problem. The Math Summit Protocol is used to debrief two pre-selected solutions with the whole class. Students apply Constructive Conversation Skills as they analyze, critique, and compare the two pre-selected solutions. Teacher guides the selected students as they take turns presenting their solutions to the class. Teacher facilitates a grand conversation to highlight big math ideas and summarize the learning for the lesson. Teacher closes the lesson by reviewing the lesson objectives