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    Layered Continuum of Supports


    Instructional support for academics and behavior is provided at multiple levels (tiers) that is matched to student needs. The intensity (number of minutes), frequency (how often), and duration (length) increase as the level of need increases upward through the tiers. 


    All students have access to a layered continuum of supports, regardless of achievement level. Effective instruction and meaningful interactions, such as positive student-teacher relationships are key elements across all the tiers.


    Tier 1 is what all students receive, Tier 2 is what some students receive, and Tier 3 is reserved for a few students who may require the highest level of support. Gifted/Talented students also have access to a layered continuum of supports, including both intervention and enrichment. 




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Student LCS Triangle Beyond the Bell

Academic Programs ~ Before and After School Programs ~ Student Auxiliary Services

Beyond the Bell and Health Education: Social-Emotional Learning Programs - Click here


Student LCS Triangle

School Mental Health

Student Health and Human Services - Click here

Intervention ~ Prevention ~ Referral Forms ~ Services ~ Resources


Student LCS Triangle

Wellness Centers

Student Health and Human Services - Click here

Referral Procedures ~ Integrated Care ~ Support Services


Student LCS Triangle

Parent & Community Engagement





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Reading Bright Idea Early Childhood Education

Programs ~ Enrollment ~ Resources

Reading Bright Idea Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP)

Professional Development ~ Instructional Resources


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Multilingual and Multicultural Education

Professional Development ~ Instructional Resources


Reading Bright Idea

LAUSD Division of Instruction

Literacy & Language Arts ~ Mathematics ~ Science ~ History/Social Science ~ Arts Education


Reading Bright Idea Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics (STEAM)

Resources ~ Events ~ Professional Development


Reading Bright Idea Schoology: Learning Management System (LMS)



Reading Bright Idea Advanced Learning Options

Opportunities for Students 


Reading Bright Idea The College Board

College Admissions ~ PSAT ~ SAT ~ Advanced Placement (AP)


Reading Bright Idea


Colege and Career Readiness


Reading Bright Idea


Courses ~ Professional Development ~ Resources


Reading Bright Idea

Linked Learning

Academics ~ Internships ~ Support Services




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School Mental Health

School Mental Health - Click here

Services and Resources

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Pupil Services

Programs and Services for Students, Families, and Educators


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Psychological Services

Programs ~ Resources


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Health and Nursing Services

Information ~ Education ~ Enrollment


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