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    To support classroom instruction leading to student success with the new ELPAC assessment, the following resources are available below:


ELPAC Resources

The purpose of the ELPAC Awareness Module is to understand the background and the instructional shifts within the ELPAC. 


powerpoint ELPAC Awareness Module

powerpoint ELPAC Awareness Module PPSX Format

Facilitators Guide ELPAC Awareness Module Facilitator's Guide 2017

Facilitators Guide Handout #1 for Presenter Module Schedule

Facilitators Guide Handout #2 ELPAC & SBAC Claims and Math & Science Practices

Facilitators Guide Handout #4 ELPAC Task Planner

Facilitators Guide Handout #5 Unpack ELPAC Task

Facilitators Guide Handouts # 6-7 ELPAC Flyer

The purpose of the Unpack the ELPAC Module is to understand the instructional implications of the various tasks within the assessment.


powerpoint ELPAC Awareness Module Follow-up

Facilitators Guide ELPAC Awareness Module Follow-Up Facilitator's Guide

Facilitators Guide Handout #8 Task Planner Instructions

Facilitators Guide Handout #9 Unpack ELPAC Task (Blank Handout for Follow-Up)

Facilitators Guide Handout #10 Unpack Task Template (Filled Handout for Follow-Up)

The purpose of the Domain Information Document is to facilitate making connections between classroom practices and the ELPAC Summative Assessment at all instructional levels. 


Facilitators Guide Grade K ELPAC Domain Information Document
Facilitators Guide Grade 1 ELPAC Domain Information Document
Facilitators Guide Grade 2 ELPAC Domain Information Document
Facilitators Guide Grade 3-5 ELPAC Domain Information Document
Facilitators Guide Grade 6-12 ELPAC Domain Information Document

The purpose of the Proposed Blueprints and Task Types Composite is to facilitate a deeper understanding of the content of the ELPAC Summative Assessment in order to plan the incorporation of practice task types within classroom practices. 


Facilitators Guide Kindergarten ELPAC Composite

Facilitators Guide 1st ELPAC Composite

Facilitators Guide 2nd ELPAC Composite

Facilitators Guide 3rd-5th ELPAC Composite

The ELPAC Practice Tests is a resource from the California Department of Education intended to provide students, parents and families, teachers, administrators, and others an opportunity to become familiar with the types of test questions on the ELPAC.


Facilitators Guide Kindergarten ELPAC Practice Test

Facilitators Guide 1st Grade ELPAC Practice Test

Facilitators Guide 2nd Grade ELPAC Practice Test

Facilitators Guide 3rd-5th ELPAC Practice Test

Facilitators Guide 6th-8th ELPAC Practice Test

Facilitators Guide 9th-10th ELPAC Practice Test

Facilitators Guide 11th-12th ELPAC Practice Test

In Online Resources, links are available for further information on the ELPAC for parents and families.


Website ELPAC Resources on the CDE website for Parents