If you are interested in creating a Linked Learning pathway, or if you have a pathway that would like to adopt the Linked Learning approach, we invite you to attend one of the information sessions listed on the document below.


    If you are interested in finding out more about the process of adopting Linked Learning, scroll down past the document to gain an understanding of the Linked Learning onboarding process. 


    We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming Information Sessions this Fall!

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How to Become a Linked Learning School in 10 Steps

  • The LAUSD Linked Learning
    2015-16 Application Process


    STEP 1

    Principal and potential Pathway members attend a Linked Learning (LL) information session

    Session Dates: TBA

    This meeting is a brief introduction to the Linked Learning Framework and the Pathway Onboarding Application requirements


    STEP 2

    Submit Letter of Intent within 5 days of attending the informational meeting

    Critical Dates: TBA

    Include the date, time and location for the school’s informational faculty meeting so that a member of the Linked Learning Team can attend.


    STEP 3

    Principal holds a faculty meeting to discuss LL implementation

    Dates: Determined by the school

    A member of the LL Team will attend the faculty meeting identified on the Letter of Intent. Meeting agenda and faculty approval documentation must be included with the Application


    STEP 4

    Potential Pathway team completes the LL Application and gathers supporting evidence (see page 3 of the LL New Pathway Application)

    Dates: TBA

    Potential Pathway team may include: Principal, Assistant Principal, grade-level lead teachers, Pathway lead teacher, CTE/ROP teacher, counselor, RSP teacher


    STEP 5

    Submit Application with supporting evidence

    Dates: TBA

    Submit application and supporting evidence via email to:

    Tiffany Spellman, LL Onboarding Coach

    email: tab3028@lausd.net


    STEP 6

    Potential Pathways are visited by LL Team

    Dates: November – December 

    Appointment for visitations will be scheduled with individual school sites


    STEP 7

    LL Team reviews applications and school visit findings

    Dates: December 


    STEP 8

    Conditionally accepted Pathways are announced

    Date: Mid-January

    Newly accepted Pathways will solidify a leadership team to attend the four Onboarding Orientation Meetings


    STEP 9

    Four Saturday Onboarding Orientation Meetings

    Dates: TBA

    *Attendance and Participation are critical components of the onboarding process*


    STEP 10

    Accepted Pathways announced

    Date: May