Can funds be used to put a shelter cone on an outdoor theater on school property?     

    All facility and equipment expenditures must directly align with the CTE Industry Sector and Pathway courses being taught at your site. Mismatched equipment requests will not be funded.



    If we are trying to make physical changes to our rooms, like moving electrical or building cabinets, that will take getting someone out to do estimates. How do we get these estimates in time?    

    Not applicable with Round 2 or Round 3 funding. Facilities projects are not being funded due to grant timeline.



    Will the grant pay for architect fees required for our proposed facilities changes?     

    Per guidance from the CDE released 5/19/16, architect fees are NOT an allowable expense.



    Will the grant fund air-conditioning if it is for an area used by students constantly and there is little to no good ventilation?  

    No, this is the responsibility of the district to provide as part of the standard classroom.