Purchasing teachers - the grant will pay for ½ of the CTE teacher’s salary - does this cover the duration of the grant program?   

    No, only the first year. 



    Can funds pay for CTE Teacher to work a summer school assignment?  

    Per CDE, this is not an allowable expense.



    Can we pay a CTE teacher to offer a summer CTE course?   

    Per CDE, this is not an allowable expense.



    For the CTE teacher can we assume we are funding for a full day or just for the class they will teach?       

    For a CTE teacher to be teaching a complete pathway and serve all students, a full day teaching assignment would be recommended.



    Can we pay the CTE teacher Z time to write additional CTE courses?       

    Yes, a maximum of 25 hours.



    Will the grant pay for a TA?         

    No, the funding must specifically expand/increase the number of CTE teachers in the District.



    Can we pay an expert to come in to teach a specialized aspect of the course?          

    This would need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The expert would need to become a district vendor and a procurement process would be required to ensure compliance with required purchasing guidelines if allowed.



    What happens if the school decides to close the pathway after funding the teacher for the first year?         

    CDE may invoice the school site for the amount spent. All equipment purchased through the grant, along with any Perkins-funded purchases for the pathway, will be moved to another school site.



    Can a school use the 50% salary to add an existing teacher to an existing CTE pathway to expand the course sequence?

    If the teacher is not currently teaching a full day and has a CTE credential in the pathway being expanded, this may be possible. CTEIG funds cannot be used to supplant (replace existing funding for) existing positions and funds must increase the number of CTE credentialed teachers in the district.



    If the school adds a teacher in 2017-18 paid for 50% with CTEIG, can the school put in for the same teacher again the following year?           

    No, a position can only be supported once, in the first year. The school is responsible for maintaining the investment after year 1.



    If a UCCI class is taught by a CTE credentialed teacher, but is an English or Math class, can it be funded?   

    No. CTE teachers must provide a complete CTE course sequence and funding can only be used in the CTE courses in the sequence. CTEIG funding cannot be spent on non-CTE courses.



    Can CTEIG funds be used to purchase teacher instructional equipment and/or supplies?

    No. Teacher instructional equipment/supplies are not allowable expenses with CTEIG funds.