Can we use CDE suggested CTE course titles or are we limited to LAUSD CTE course titles?

    You are limited to CTE course titles that are in the LAUSD list and will be available through MISIS. If you would like a CDE suggested course title and would like to submit a new course through LAUSD or UCOP for A- G Approval, please use LAUSD Bulletin 3697.3 (available at achieve.lausd.net/CTE)



    If a course title is from another Pathway Sector but can be applied to our suggested Pathway Sector can we use? For example, if we used a course title from Health Sector and applied to Public Sector.      

    Courses are limited to the pathways. You may not mix and match courses to make a sequence. For a two-course sequence they must be from the same pathway and must include the capstone.



    Can we pay the CTE teacher Z time to write additional CTE courses?       

    Yes, a maximum of 25 hours.



    What happens if the school decides to close the pathway after funding the teacher for the first year?         

    CDE may invoice the school site for the amount spent. All equipment purchased through the grant, along with any Perkins-funded purchases for the pathway, will be moved to another school site.



    Can a school use the 50% salary to add an existing teacher to an existing CTE pathway to expand the course sequence?

    If the teacher is not currently teaching a full day and has a CTE credential in the pathway being expanded, this may be possible. CTEIG funds cannot be used to supplant (replace existing funding for) existing positions and funds must increase the number of CTE credentialed teachers in the district.



    If a UCCI class is taught by a CTE credentialed teacher, but is an English or Math class, can it be funded?   

    No. CTE teachers must provide a complete CTE course sequence and funding can only be used in the CTE courses in the sequence. CTEIG funding cannot be spent on non-CTE courses.



    Can we pay an expert to come in to teach a specialized aspect of the course?          

    This would need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The expert would need to become a district vendor and a procurement process would be required to ensure compliance with required purchasing guidelines if allowed.



    We have CPAs on our campus that currently have A-G approved titles, but are not listed in the CTE approved pathways. Can we use those class titles and those sequences when completing the LOI? Or, do we have to switch those class titles to CTE class titles?        

    You may only use funding to implement and teach courses from the approved CTE pathways course list. You cannot simply change the course title, you must implement the actual CTE course and it must be taught by a CTE teacher with the appropriate matching CTE credential. Mismatched courses and credentials will not be funded. If your CPA courses are CTE courses (with CBED code numbers between 4000 and 5999) please let us know and we can add them to the list. Until then, you may not use those courses and receive CTEIG funds.



    We have had our CTE pathway running between multiple teachers, currently three all with CTE credentials. This has been okay in the past and my pathway will involve two teachers. Is it still okay for this funding and will it be okay in the future. Our pathway has been very successful with articulation and internships. We would not like to change it if possible as in every way it conforms the CTE manner of doing things and represents a valid career path for our students.        

    If there is a complete course sequence in a single industry sector pathway, then this should be fine. A complete course sequence is required to receive funding.