What is CTEIG ?      

    Career Technical Education Incentive Grant is a competitive grant program awarded to initiate, expand and enhance CTE programs at high schools in the district.



    How much funding is available for a CTE pathway?

    The Round 3 maximum amount for a middle school is $750,000, and the maximum amount for high schools is $750,000.



    What happens if the District doesn't spend all the money?  

    Unspent funding will be returned to CDE.



    What happens when there is a Principal change?       

    Nothing. The CTE pathways implemented are tied to regional economic forecasts for the Los Angeles region, not the principal at the site. Please see application materials: "Schools must maintain the CTEIG pathway investments made at their campus through 2021-22, as required by the California Department of Education."



    Please explain which of the CTEIG fund requests is the school site responsible for maintaining for 5 additional years, i.e. salary, equipment, travel and conference, buses, teacher replacement, etc...? Do the funds need to be maintained for 5 years in the same Object code lines, for the same amounts requested in year one of the CTEIG grant?       

    Expenditures for teachers and the funded pathway must be maintained. Equipment funding is typically one-time in nature and would not need to be maintained.



    The language of the grant on the CDE website includes "Forms ongoing and structural industry and labor partnerships... opportunities for pupils to participate in internships...". How will LAUSD facilitate this?        

    A number of requirements, including this one, already exist in the 11 criteria of a high quality CTE program, as identified by the CDE. The 11 criteria are the basis of the work plan being distributed to each site receiving funding. The work is also supported by the CTE and Linked Learning offices. As part of the CTEIG funding received, as identified as part of the 11 criteria, a school site Advisory Board aligned with the funded pathway at the school site must be developed. The Advisory Board is part of the partnership and internship process. Additionally, there is a vendor resolution in place that already supports identification of internships for LAUSD students.