• Resident School GATE Program

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    Most of the District's identified gifted students participate in programs at the neighborhood local school. There are several options available that are designed to provide a differentiated curriculum so that students attain optimal levels of learning. A local school program must comply with a more rigorous standard providing differentiation as an integral part of the regular school day.



    Curriculum experiences for gifted learners that are planned, implemented, and evaluated in order to maximize student potential.

    Goals and objectives that are determined at the local school by administrators, teachers, parents, and students by means of needs assessments.

    Differentiation of the core curriculum through various means, including:

    flexible groupings

    acceleration of content

    independent study, tiered assignments

    interest centers, learning centers

    Compacting in student's area of strength via mentorships, adjusting questions, honors coursework, Advanced Placement courses, and use of above-grade-level resources

    Application of the "non-negotiables" of gifted instruction: