Categorical Program Adviser (CPA)/Title I Coordinator

  • During the school day, the duties performed by the CPA/Title I Coordinator must be direct services to the Title I Program.

    Direct services include:

    • Teaching/In-class intervention
    • Providing demonstration lessons
    • Conducting professional development activities, including the facilitation of effective instructional programs
    • Conducting program/student evaluation activities
    • Coordinating and providing parent involvement workshop activities
    • Coordinating the identification of eligible students in a Targeted Assistance School Program
    • Monitoring program expenditures
    • Distributing program materials
    • Providing on-going achievement reports for Title I students to the staff and constituent groups
    • Maintaining accurate/updated records of Title I students to share with the staff and constituent groups
    • Maintaining accurate/updated records for the Title I student program, including time reporting and equipment inventory
    • Assisting with the writing of updates to the Single Plan for Student Achievement
    • Assisting with the development of the school’s Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Parent-School Compact
    • Serving as a resource for and providing assistance to the school site leadership teams in conducting on-going categorical monitoring and planning related to the program

    Categorical program advisers (CPAs) are not assistant principals nor are they responsible for testing. The CPAs should support the instructional and program needs of participants.
    CPAs must hold a teaching credential based on a bachelor’s degree, teacher preparation, and student teaching to develop, direct, implement or coordinate programs of professional development or curricular development at a school site.