Screening Dates

  • Screening dates are no longer needed.  School teams trying out during the off season are required to obtain a permit.


  • Rosters- All CAEs should be uploaded to the Principal's Portal.

    2021- Fall rosters due by 8/13.

Certificate of Eligibility

  • CAE - How to create eligibility roster can be found under MiSIS (below).

Temporary Certificated Assignment (TCA)- Prof Expert

  • Professional Expert Packet -TCA 2021

    •  For continuing employees, submit only:
    • Application for Assignment as Professional Expert form (completely filled out).
    • Obtain your fiscal specialist’s signature under Budget Authorizations.
    • Request for Personnel Action (RPA) form (completely filled out).
    • Indicate the sport and level in the comments section.
    • Obtain your fiscal specialist’s signature for Authorizations. 
    • See continuing employees section for the required information needed on the Application and RPA form
    • For new employees, submit the entire packet completely filled out with required signatures.  
    • Email the entire (completely filled out) packet to LaShanda Younger at with the school name TCA:  applicant’s name in the subject line (i.e. LAUSD HS TCA:  John Doe) for processing
    •   Incomplete packets will not be processed.
    •  Questions, contact LaShanda Younger at (213) 241-5847
    • Please review the checklist and ensure all forms and required signatures are obtained to complete the processing of the TCA.

Asst. Principal / Athletic Director Meeting