• Administrative Legal Services Team


    The Administrative Legal Services (ALS) team provides advice, counsel and litigation support related to the discipline and dismissal of both classified and certificated employees.  The team supports clients throughout the District as they navigate the various rules, administrative procedures, and legal processes associated with these efforts.  Team lawyers oversee the review of discipline and termination cases, provide advice regarding appropriate discipline and reassignment of employees, and appear in hearings before the Commission on Professional Competence, the Personnel Commission, and in the case of reductions in force, before an Administrative Law Judge assigned by the Office of Administrative Hearings.  Team lawyers also represent the District in superior court writ and appellate proceedings.


    While the ALS team works with managers and administrators in all facets of District operations, the team’s main client is the Chief Human Resources Officer.  Team attorneys are embedded within the various departments that fall under the broad Human Resources umbrella for purposes of case review and counseling.  Together with a cross section of professionals within Human Resources, team attorneys also provide advice regarding reassignment of employees to ensure the safety of students and maximize employee performance.  Finally, team members assist all clients with various training needs, participate in relevant task forces, and advocate for legislative reform.


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    Mampre Pomakian

    Chief Administrative Law & Litigation Counsel