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  • Arts Allocations

    The Arts Education Branch provides all schools an arts allocation that is in addition to what principals might use from their school budget or what might be included in their Title I Plans. The allocation funding comes from a strategic use of LCFF (Local Control Funding Formula) Arts Education funding.  
    The amounts -- based on both the Arts Equity Index (AEI) and projected school enrollment -- are to support programming at the school site, purchase materials, equipment and textbooks; encourage partnerships, and to provide professional development and/or arts field trips.
    Administrators and other LAUSD staff who need access to their arts allocations may view their school's arts allocations by clicking on the password-protected link below.

    District Employees:
    Please click on the following link to access the Arts Allocations PDF.  You will be prompted for your SSO information, if you are not logged into Inside LAUSD.
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