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    The Creative Network pilot program shatters the traditional arts education model by using innovation to empower arts resources that create consistent, full scale, equitable arts education opportunities for every student in a new Network school program. The schools receive one to four days of arts per week depending on their student enrollment. All grade 3-6 classes receive nine-weeks of discrete arts instruction in dance, music, theatre and visual arts. All K-2 classes receive ten-twelve-weeks of arts integration, connecting and blending instruction in all arts disciplines to various other core curricular areas.

    This comprehensive program began in the 2014-2015 school year with 17 schools in the east and 14 schools in the north. There were 10 arts teachers. In 2015-16 the program expanded to 23 schools in the east and central local districts and to 18 in local districts northeast and northwest. The number of arts teachers has doubled to 20. This number remained the same during the 2016-17 school year.

    In the spring of 2016, a comprehensive assessment in the arts was given to all students in grades 3 and above. The results showed that the majority of the students were retaining the information taught.


    In the fall of 2017, the Creative Network was expanded to serve schools in LD South.  There are now 30 teachers serving 53 schools District-wide.

    Participating Schools for 2017-18:

     2nd Street ES  49th Street ES  Burbank ES  Anatola ES  96th St ES  61st ST ES
     Bridge St ES  Annandale ES  Hubbard ES  Bertrand ES  107th St ES  
     Cesar Chavez ES  Aragon ES  Kester ES  Blythe ES  112th St ES  
     El Sereno ES  Bushnell Way ES    Calvert ES  116th St ES  
     Ford ES  Clifford ES    Fullbright ES  122nd St ES  
     Glen Alta ES  Dahlia Heights ES    Gault ES  75th St ES  
     Hillside ES  Esperanza ES    Lemay ES  135th St ES  
     Huntington Drive ES  Fletcher ES    Lorne ES  Graham ES  
     Latona ES  Lizzaraga ES     Mayall ES  Manchester ES  
     Sierra Vista ES  Logan ES    Newcastle ES  Parmalee ES  
     Utah ES  RFK Ambassador Sch -  Global Ed.    Panorama City ES  Wisdom ES  
       San Pascual ES    San Jose ES    
           Stagg ES    
           Topeka ES    
           Vintage ES    
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