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    Elijah Whang

    Instructional Technology Specialist

    (818) 654-3616



  • Online Learning

    Critical Updates (Please refer to IOC for details)
    1. The District-approved online learning publishers are Apex and Edgenuity.
    2. Since A-G funds have been distributed to schools, schools must use their own funding to purchase licenses.

     Click on the link below for the updated list of courses.
      1. Apex:
      2. Edgenuity:

     ol comp  

    ol comp2

    The following Edgenuity courses have been approved for Virtual implementation only: German 1, German 2, Latin 1, Latin 2, AP French (Language), AP Spanish (Language). 
    School Requirements

    To offer online classes, schools need to do the following:

    • Submit Online Learning contact information:
    • Complete appropriate training. Training opportunities are now posted on MyPLN.
    • Designate a student email (sub)administrator
    • Add online courses to your UC course list before enrolling students. Send Attachment C from REF-5833.4 to Pía Damonte. The deadline to do this is 8/31. Check with your fiscal specialist to make sure there is a line for software licenses in your A-G funds.
    • Purchase licenses by following instructions to create a shopping cart. For additional assistance, contact Jina Jung at 818-654-3719.
    • Contact Elijah Whang to verify that your school is ready to start implementing.