Time and Effort Reporting

    • Federal and State regulations require time-and-effort reporting documentation for all personnel who receive payment from federal funds which includes Title I, Title II and Title III.
    • It is important in ensuring that federal funds are used to pay only their proportionate share of personnel costs.
    • Specifically, the law requires that a detailed programmatic and fiscal record must be maintained to document that Title I funds are spent on activities and services for only Title I participating students.
    • Because time reporting is one of the most frequent noncompliant finding by auditors and it can be very confusing to complete, the FSEP Office has developed this section.
    • Failure to complete and/or provide this documentation results in penalties that must be paid for by using a school or office’s General Funds.
    • For additional information, please see BUL-2643.10 Documentation for Employees Paid from Federal and State Categorical Programs dated July 20, 2020.

    For additional information, please contact Angel Covarrubias at (213) 241-6990 or
    email to ajc2896@lausd.net