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    Think of creating an advisory program as putting together a puzzle. All pieces have to be in place and those pieces have to fit, if advisory is to function well.
    - The Advisory Guide, Educators for Social Responsibility

    Establish the purpose of your Advisory Program

    As each school has their own DNA, an Advisory Program must meet the needs and climate of the school. In order to establish a strong Advisory Program, a school site's leadership team must convene to agree on the direction of the program, as well as goals and outcomes that are in line with the school culture. Advisory is not homeroom, and as such, it requires long-term planning and goal-setting to achieve an effective program. Begin with examining your school's mission: how can Advisory further the school's mission? Consider the student population: how can we create an Advisory to ensure all students are successful?

    What is the primary purpose?
    What are expected student outcomes?
    What are expected staff outcomes?

    Create a statement of purpose for your Advisory Program
    Check out the Sample Advisory Purpose document that we created with a delineated core purpose, essential components, and important practices.
    Consider the type and format of Advisory that aligns with your school's purpose
    View this PowerPoint to walk through describing your Advisory Program's purpose and choosing the type of program that suits your school's vision and culture.