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    Advisory programs promote healthy student development, support academic success, and provide multiple opportunities to bridge the divide between healthy development and academic success.

    - The Advisory Guide, Rachel A. Poliner and Carol Miller Lieber


    What is Advisory?

    Advisory programs are configurations in which an adult advisor meets regularly during the school day with a group of students to provide academic and social-emotional mentorship and support, to create personalization within the school, and to facilitate a small peer community of learners. (Cushman, 1990; Galassi et al., 2004; Galassi et al., 1997; Juvonen et al., 2004; National Association of Secondary School Principals, 2006; Stevenson, 1998)

    Why Advisory?


    Advisory personalizes learning for students: Schools that intentionally organized to promote personalization and the development of communities of learners better prepare adolescents for later success as adults. (Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development, 1989)


    Advisory builds trusting relationships: “Schools with strong advisory programs were more successful at meeting students’ needs for guidance, advice, and counseling and at lowering the proportion of students who will drop out before finishing high school.” (Ziegler & Mulhall, 1994, p.42)


    Advisory creates school connectedness: “School connectedness is linked to higher grades, higher test scores, and lower dropout rates, regardless of students' socioeconomic status”. (Blum & Libbey, 2004; Jackson & Davis, 2000; Klem & Connell, 2004; Mac Iver & Epstein, 1991; McNeely & Falci, 2004; National Association of Secondary School Principals, 2006)



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