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    Specialized Physical Healthcare Services

    California Education Code (Section 49423.5)

    Any student with exceptional needs who requires SPHCS (protocols) may be assisted by a credentialed school nurse or qualified designated school personnel provided the latter performs the services under the supervision of a school nurse.

    LAUSD has twenty-four (24) standardized procedures authorized for use during school hours
      •  They are necessary during the school day for the child to attend school
      •  They can be learned without requiring prior medical training 
      •  They do not require extensive amounts of time for their administration 
      •  They do not require a physician to administer them

    Students who require ongoing assessments or who are ventilator dependent require a licensed health care provider. (See Guidelines for the Licensed Nursing Provider)

    The following are required for students with SPHCS to attend school: 
      •  Written authorization(s) from licensed healthcare provider and parent for 

      •  Equipment and supplies provided by parents/guardians and supplies 
         provided by school
      •  Arrange in-services for school personnel for special equipment such as 
         oxygen or ventilator. Confer with the Special Education Resource Nurse
         (Refer to Bulletin 2356.0 Oxygen Use in Schools dated March 1, 2006.)
      •  Plan of Care to be used during a Disaster
      •  It is necessary to consult with the Special Education Resource Nurse and 
         Student Medical Services if the licensed healthcare provider makes 
         modifications to the procedure or provides an alternate procedure
      •  Individualized Education Program/Section 504 Plan. Health information 
         should include description of condition and how it impacts the student’s 
         educational program including: areas of strength, areas of need and 
         accommodations including continuous monitoring during school day, 
         protocols required during school day and transportation, if needed; who 
         will provide protocols (appropriately trained personnel, licensed nursing 
         provider if ongoing assessment is necessary, plan for absence of 
         personnel) or medication to be taken during school day
    Deborah Markus, MSN, RN, PHN, NCSN
    Coordinator, School Nursing
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