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    Pre-school Transition School Nurse

    The Pre-school Transition School Nurse has a thorough knowledge and expertise in: the traditional school health program, special education policies and procedures, nursing care of students with special needs and Specialized Physical Health Care Services (Protocols).

    Facilitates transition of Pre-school students from home to school by doing the following:
      •  Reviews IEP and assists school nurse as needed to ensure appropriate 

         documentation and offer of health and nursing service.
      •  Reviews recommendations from Review of Support Services Due to Health 
         Needs and collaborates with Special Education Resource Nurse regarding 
         services and placement of District Assigned Qualified Provider (DAQP). 
         Coordinates with student’s Licensed Health Care Provider to obtain and update 
         authorizations for Specialized Physical Health Care Services. Reviews protocols 
         and medication orders in Welligent for pre-school students enrolled in Early 
         Education Centers. Trains DAQP on Specialized Physical Health Care Services 
         (protocols) and documentation and provides supervision in the delivery of 
         services. Consults with Related Services (PT, Transportation, etc.). School 
         nurses and Local District Support Unit staff regarding Low Incidence equipment 
         needed by the student to access the educational environment.
      •  Conducts school visits to facilitate smooth transition. Ensure classroom settings, 
         equipment, supplies and personnel support are available and adequate. Make 
         recommendations and referrals as needed. Collaborates with site administrator, 
         school nurse and teachers to determine support and trainings necessary to meet
    needs including SPHCS (Protocols). Provides in-service/trainings for
    school staff regarding child-specific health needs (i.e. Seizure
         Precautions and 
    First Aid, Choking Preventions, etc.)

    Other Responsibilities include:
      •  Provides assistance to site school nurses with transitioning preschool students 
         to Kindergarten
      •  Participates in IEP meetings as requested for difficult, complex or high profile 
         cases such as those on Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR), Due Process or 
         cases with advocates
      •  Serves as a resource to site school nurses and Local District IEP Nurses in the 
         IEP process
      •  Participates in the training of Special Education Assistants for Health Care 
         Assistant positions
      •  Participates in the development, revisions and updates of bulletins, protocols, 
         guidelines and forms according to current needs and state standards
      •  Provides District-wide trainings and professional development to all District staff
      •  Performs other related duties to meet the nursing need of Special Education and 
         District Nursing Services as designated by the Director of Nursing
    Deborah Markus, MSN, RN, PHN, NCSN
    Coordinator, School Nursing


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