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    Special Education Resource Nurse

    The Special Education Resource School Nurse has thorough knowledge and expertise in: the traditional school health program, the core principals of inclusion, special education policies and procedures, nursing care of students with special needs and Specialized Physical Health Care Services (Protocols). The primary focus is ensuring District Assigned Qualified Providers (DAQP) are properly assigned and trained to meet student needs.

    Provides leadership in the development of strategies to meet certain unique needs of students in the special education program by:
      •  Working directly with local district nursing administrators, school nurses, 

         teachers, site administrators, administrative personnel in the Division of Special 
         Education including Related Services, parents and community healthcare 
      •  Consulting with Director, District Nursing Services and Student Medical Services 
         when warranted
      •  Collaborating with the Division of Special Education regarding services and 
         District Assigned Qualified Providers (DAQP) to meet student health needs. 
         Evaluates Review for Support Services Due to Health Needs, completes SE64 
         for HCA and assists with reconciliation and matriculation of DAQP for health 
      •  Coordinating services for students with health needs, Support Unit personnel, 
         and DAQP regarding the allocation of services. Ensure needed equipment and 
         trainings of DAQP are provided, including ESY
      •  Conducting training for the Health Care Assistant position in conjunction with the 
         Employment Services Transaction Branch and the Division of Special Education
      •  Providing in-service programs to meet requirements for the Health Care 
         Assistant’s job description as designated by the Personnel Commission
      •  Providing in-service/staff developments for school nurses, Division of Special 
         Education and Support Unit staff pertinent to current practices in special 
         education, protocols and medically fragile students
      •  Serving as a resource to school site nurses and Local District nurses in the IEP 
         process and makes recommendations to the IEP team regarding DAQP
      •  Consulting with Related Services, school nurses, and Support Unit staff 
         regarding Low Incidence funded health equipment needed by students to access 
         the educational environment
      •  Initiating the development and revision of bulletins, protocols, guidelines and 
         forms according to current need and state standards
    Deborah Markus, MSN, RN, PHN, NCSN
    Coordinator, School Nursing


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