SHHS Student Support Programs

  • Juvenile Hall/Camp Returnee Program
    Program Description
    The Camp Returnee Program is a specialized program of LAUSD’s Pupil Services Unit dedicated to enhancing the educational outcomes of our probation students returning from juvenile detention centers.  Our goals are to provide early intervention, advocate for student rights, appropriate school placement, timely enrollment, and dropout prevention.  We collaborate with probation, the camps (LACOE), our schools, and other agencies to help ensure the student and family receive the services they need to support a successful transition from camp to school to community.
Program Goals
  • Re-entry and Dropout Prevention

  • Ensure timely enrollment

  • Advocate for appropriate school placement

  • Improve academic achievement

  • Support successful transition from camps to school

  • Assist students who desire higher education and employment by supporting college readiness and vocational training.
    Juvenile Hall/Camp Returnee Counselors

    For a directory of the Juvenile Hall/Camp Returnee Counselors by Local District with the list of schools served, click here.