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  • School Attendance Review Board Services
    School Attendance Review Board (SARB) is a state sanctioned process, created by Legislation in California in 1975.  SARB became operative in 1976 to assist students with attendance and behavior problems.


    • SARB is a community-based effort to bring together multiple resources to assist families with attendance, truancy and behavior issues so that students will stay in school, attend school regularly and graduate  
    • Education Code (EC) Section 48320 was created to enhance the enforcement of compulsory education laws and to divert students with school attendance or behavior problems from the juvenile justice system until all available resources have been exhausted.  
    Program Services
    • Each Local District (LD) in LAUSD organizes SARB panels that address cases originating from LAUSD schools in their area.
    • The SARB panel members represent agencies such as school and District level support staff, the District/City Attorney, law enforcement personnel, the Los Angeles County Department of Probation, Children and Family Services (DCFS), Public Social Services (DPSS) and Mental Health. Health care, community counseling agencies, and parents combine their expertise and resources to assist students and families as stated in E.C 48321.
    • The panel works collaboratively to assess the problem and recommend alternative solutions to alleviate circumstances that contribute to specific truancy, attendance, and/or behavior problems.  
    • If the family does not comply with the recommendations and the student/s continue to have problems with attendance, the case may be referred to the office of the City or District Attorney, and ultimately to court.


  • For assistance or further information, please contact:
     Local District  
     PSA Field Coordinator
     SARB Chair
    (818) 654-3716

    (818) 758-1005
     Northeast Patricia Jimenez
    (818) 686-4444
    Megan George
    (818) 686-4441
     West    Necko Ginyard-Taylor
    (310) 235-3766
    Alisa Bronstein
    (310) 235-3779
     East  Jennifer Lopez
    (323) 224-5902
    Mery Hernandez
    (323) 224-5916
     South Carolina I. Laureano
    (310) 892-7916

    (310) 354-3495
     Central  Rudy Gomez
    (213) 766-7330
    Maribel Garcia
    (213) 766-7335
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