• Attendance Improvement Program

    The goal of the Attendance Improvement Program (AIP) is to increase the percentage of students attending school at a rate of 96% or higher in Kindergarten and Grade 9. While these two grade levels are vital to academic success, they have the lowest overall attendance rates in the LAUSD. In September 2011, the LAUSD launched the AIP to provide targeted child welfare and attendance services and support in Kindergarten and Grade 9.
  • Program Objectives
    All program schools will:
    • Monitor and analyze attendance data trends and outcomes to guide prevention and early intervention efforts for targeted grade levels
    • Demonstrate increased staff, student, and parent awareness of attendance expectations and Performance Meter goals
    • Demonstrate an increased use of prevention and intervention programs to improve student attendance school-wide (incentive programs, community partnerships, parent support)
    • Improve academic grades, as well as cooperation and work habit marks
    • Have at least a 5% increase in the percentage of students attending school at a rate of 96% or higher in the targeted grade level by the end of the school year, as compared to the previous year

  • School Selection
    LAUSD secondary and elementary schools with the lowest rates of 96% or higher (proficient/advanced) student attendance in the targeted grade level (TK/K or Grade 9) and an Academic Performance Index (API) score of less than 800 were identified for API support.
    These highest need schools were assigned 1 day of Attendance Improvement Counselor (AIC) support time for every 50 students enrolled in the targeted grade level during the 2012-13 school year as follows:

    Grade Level Enrollment

    Assigned Counselor Days per Week

    0 – 50


    51 – 100


    101 – 150


    151 – 200


    201 or more



    For more information please contact:

    Martha O. Godinez, M.S.W.
    Interim Coordinator, Attendance Improvement Program
    (213) 202-2012
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