• Proposition 58

    In November 2016, California voters approved Proposition 58, the California Education for a Global Economy Initiative. Although the proposition does not come with additional funding, it gives school districts more control over multilingual/biliteracy programs.

    Under the new law taking effect on July 1, 2017:

    English Learners will be able to enroll in language acquisition programs outside of English immersion classes without their parents having to sign an annual exception waiver.

    The 30-day English program placement for first-time enrolled English Learners will no longer be required.

    Parents and guardians of students enrolled in the school may choose a language acquisition program that best suits their child.

    As part of the parent and community engagement process required for the annual Local Control and Accountability Plan, school districts must solicit input on effective and appropriate instructional methods. These include establishing language acquisition programs, such as Dual Language, Transitional Bilingual, Maintenance Bilingual, and Structured English Immersion.

    If more than 20 parents/guardians from a single grade level or 30 parents/ guardians schoolwide collectively request a multilingual or biliteracy program, the school must explore the feasibility of creating one “to the extent possible.” This is applicable to both English Learners, as well as English proficient students who want to learn another language.

    In addition, L.A. Unified has created a Proposition 58 Transition Team which is collaborating with Local District and school-site administrators, teachers, parents, and community and labor partners in developing guidelines for implementation.

    The California Board of Education will be approving specific regulations and guidelines for implementing Proposition 58. Guidance from the state is expected in Spring 2017.

    For additional information, go to California Department of Education website on California Education for a Global Economy Initiative (Proposition 58) —› Click here