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    Promising Practices


    Do you have a promising practice? Is there something innovative that a teacher at your school is implementing? Is there a new energy and passion in a classroom that is engaging students?


    We would love to hear more about it. Share your promising practices with us. Click here to submit.




    Other Resources 


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    : An online publishing platform to showcase and share promising practices.




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    is a series of 5-minute presentations, where each presenter must use 20 slides, which auto-advance every 15 seconds



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    Flexible classroom empower student choice, increase student engagement, and improve student participation



    flipping classroom icon Flipping the Classroom: Students gain first exposure to new material outside of class then assimilate that knowledge through problem-solving, discussion, or debates.



    Two Bit Circus Two Bit Circus: Got a classroom that is in need of a STEAM make-over?  Two Bit Circus can help create a STEAM lab. It's a maker space that inspires integrative learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.