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    School Nurses focus on students' health which promote student attendance and achievement.
    The credentialed School Nurses assume a variety of pivotal roles: primary health care provider,
    case manager, health services coordinator, child advocate, health educator, counselor, and
    supervisor of health care in educational setting. School Nurses train, assign, and supervise
    unlicensed personnel to provide Specialized Health Care Services.
    Types of Services (per Bulletin 989.1, General Guidelines-Credentialed School Nurse State
    Mandated Responsibilities)
    1. Implementation of the School Health Services Program
    2. State Mandates:
    Emergency Care
    Suspected Child Abuse Reporting
    Control of Communicable Diseases
    Immunization Assessment and Follow-Up
    Assist the school with arrangements to complete hearing assessments by the school
    audiometrist and student with identified hearing loss by referrring to health care providers
    and assisting families in receiving care and treatment
    Vision Screening
    Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Compliance Follow-Up
    Scoliosis Screening
    Parent/Guardian Notification, Referrals and Follow-Up of Possible Health Defects
    Special Education Service
    Record Keeping and Documentation
    Counseling and Individualized Health Education
    Confidential Report of Student Accident/Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Illness
    Health Office Referrals
    Health Education and Annual Training regarding:
    a. Bloodborne Pathogens (now available in MyPLN to search and register)

    b. Medication administration training

    c. Accommodation and planning for students with disabilities

    d. First Aid Procedures Training

    e. Training and supervision for specialized physical health care services (CEC 49423.5) 


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