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  • The Personalized Learning Systems (PLS)  department supports
    the LAUSD vision of "ensuring academic achievement
    and empowering tomorrow's leaders."

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    Personalized Learning Systems (PLS) inception comes from the need to implement a mandated District-wide online gradebook in accordance with the Modified Consent Decree (MCD), the Instructional Technology Initiative Task (ITI) Force recommendations and Los Angeles Unified School District's commitment to 100% graduation.

    PLS, in partnership with Division of Instruction (DOI) and Information Technology Division (ITD), is taking charge of implementing the learning management system (LMS) for LAUSD. Educators now have a tool to personalize instruction by creating a learner-centered environment committed to 100% graduation for all students. We are providing training, support, and guidance for the successful implementation of an LMS.

    The LMS is a tool to build and sustain learner agency that supports a learner centered environment. Teachers have the ability to view the "complete picture" of each student, record and track student performance, understand student performance, communicate with students and parents, and share information with colleagues. Parents now have access to view up to date grades and assignments in real time.

    Who We Are

    The PLS is a diverse group of teachers, classified staff, programmers, engineers, and administrators working together to provide a functioning LMS to support all stakeholders and 100% graduation for all. The PLS department is committed to innovative teaching and learning as we facilitate professional growth and personalized learning that enriches communication and collaboration amongst all stakeholders with emphasis on career and college readiness for student success.

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    The application is up and available to all users.

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Gradebook Pilot

LAUSD, in accordance with the Modified Consent Decree, is committed to implementing a mandated District-wide online gradebook that gives teachers the ability to view the "complete picture" of each student, record and track student performance, understand student performance, communicate with students and parents, and share information with colleagues.

In the Summer of 2014, the Division of Instruction published a mandate to all teachers to use the MiSiS gradebook, but this mandate was indefinitely put on hold because the MiSiS release for the 2014-2015 school year was severely incomplete and had multiple bugs and functionality gaps that caused major disruption at school sites.

As part of the MiSiS recovery effort, the MiSiS team conducted 14 focus groups with elementary and secondary teachers across the District during the spring of 2015 to identify functional gaps in the current MiSiS gradebook and collect requirements from teachers. These focus groups revealed that the MiSiS gradebook was severely deficient and would require millions of dollars in investment to bring the MiSiS gradebook and teacher module up to the minimum requirements needed by teachers.

While these focus groups were being conducted, the District was in the process of evaluating a new Learning Management System (LMS) through a formal Request for Proposals process. The MiSiS team learned that the LMS receiving the highest score, Schoology, has a fully developed gradebook that meets the requirements identified by the MiSiS team during the focus groups. The Schoology application provides a single platform that allows teachers to not only record and track student grades but also to collaborate online, create lessons and assessments, archive and access documents, lessons, and assessment banks, integrate calendar functionality, and engage students in personalized learning.

The purpose of the Gradebook and LMS pilot is to determine whether Schoology's Gradebook and LMS are the right tools for tracking student performance and managing digital instructional content for the District, while also ensuring that these applications will integrate seamlessly with MiSiS and the Parent PASSport, and gathering and analyzing usage data and feedback from participating pilot schools to support development of a District-wide implementation plan through a thoughtful, informed approach.