• References

BUL-989.1 General Guidelines Credentialed School Nurse State Mandated Responsibilities

School Nurse Handbook - August 2016 


Automatic Internal Cardiac Defibrillator AED

Baclofen Therapy

Bed Bugs - Bed Bugs Fact Sheet

Bloodborne Pathogens  Exposure Plan, March 2017

Communicable Diseases in Schools 
   Handbook - Nov. 2015
Field Trip - REF-2111.1, Field Trip Handbook and Revised Procedures, December 14, 2015, Division of Instructions
Hemophilia - Student with Hemophilia 
Healthcare Assistant's (HCA) - Training Manual
Tuberculosis - Screening
Ventricular Shunt - Student with Shunt

 MiSiS pic  



1. Health Screen Roster This roster was originally designed to take manual 
    attendance but may be used as a  health screening worksheet.
5. Teacher's Roster by Department by Period: A pre-requisite for 
    generating Office Summons and Health Screening Roster by the department in 
    Secondary Schools. School Nurses need to have a specific school assignment in 
    MiSiS to run this report.

Welligent Pic  
BUL 6168 - Requirement to Utilize the Welligent Electronic System for Documentation for Healthcare


 SCHOOL NURSES (RN) - Welligent User ID is now automatically activated a day after your Single Sign-On has been activated.


Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) - Welligent User ID is now automatically activated a day after your Single Sign-On has been activated.


Healthcare Assistant (HCA) or School Office Staff  who needs a change of Welligent role needs to sign in to OneAccess. Once signed in to OneAccess, select the "Manage/Edit Roles" in the Welligent section and then click on "New Request" button. Click here for more information. 

Technical Support Guide
Welligent Technical Support Guide (Computer Settings)


Entering Alerts - Allergies - Chronic Conditions

IEPs: IEP Evaluation (RNs)
Immunizations Reports
Licenses and Credentials Update: RNs and LVNs 
Mass Screening
   Mass Screening: used for vision, headlice, height, and weight screenings or group education
Office Visits
    Office Visits (RNs)
    Office Visits for Student Athlete's injuries including concussions or illness (High School Nurses)
    Office Visits (LVNs)
Sports Physical Clearances: In Mass Screening
Nursing Website - Handout
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