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School Year 2017/2018


Related District Publication:

BUL-4480.1, Policy and Procedure for the Acquisition and Use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)



Asthma Program Resources 
ACT Under 12: (1) English  (2) Spanish
ACT Over 12  : (1) English  (2) Spanish
District FORMS and Other Publications:
Related Publications:

BUL-1645.2 Infection Control Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Communicable Diseases

BUL-1937.3 Reporting Communicable Diseases

Related District Publication:

BUL-2514.1 Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program and Blood Lead Testing



School Nurse Health Office Daily Log 




Report of Dental Observation




Diabetes Management Information for Trained Personnel


Related District Publication:

MEM-5221.0 - Diabetes Type 2 Information Factsheet for Parents of 7th Grade Students




Report of Ear, Nose, and Throat Observation


 Notice of First Aid


Food Borne Illness Reporting

Food Handler Certificate


Guidelines for Student Expulsion Support Services and School Site Nurses 

Cautions Regarding Head Injury Forms


Health Office Referral to Physical Education Teacher


Pupil Health Exclusion, August 2016


School Readmittance




Referral Forms:  Home Medical Referral

                           Hospital Medical Referral

                           Psychiatric Referral for Home Instruction

                           Non-Medical Referral for Home Instruction


Related District Publication:

Bulletin 1229.2 - Home, Hospital & Tele-Teaching Instructional Services (Carlson Home Hospital School)



BUL-2030.1, Guidelines for an Individualized Health Assessment and the Participation of the Credentialed School Nurse in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Process

Related Publications
REF-6629.0 Compliance with California Immunization Law - Removal of Personal Exemption
BUL-1660.8 Immunization Guidelines
REF-6300.2 Tdap Requirements
BUL-6718.0 -  Educational Rights and Guidelines for Youth in Foster Care, Experiencing Homelessness and/or ..


Medical Waste Tracking Document and Generator Certificate - For Transporting Expired Medications and Sharps Container



BUL-3878.2 - Assisting Student with Prescribed Medications at School

Nurse-Family Partnership Referral Form


Related District Publication:

BUL-3276.1 Compliance on Services for Pregnant Minors and Parenting Minors, August 15, 2007



Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Form 

Related District Publication:

BUL-3585.6, Oral Health Assessment for Kindergarten or First Grade Entry, August 1, 2016


English  |   Chinese   |   Spanish   |   Tagalog   |   Vietnamese 
Exclusion,  June 2016
Fact Sheet (English & Spanish), June 2016
Related District Publication
BUL-1937.3 Reporting Communicable Diseases

Return to School Interview Checklist


 Authorization to Receive/Release Medical Information



Reports Due Dates 2017-2018



 Seizure Record


 Special Diet Request Form


Athletic Injury Tracking Form


Concussion Injury Report


Flowchart on Concussion Injury Documentation


Medical Clearance Form - to start Stage III of RTP Protocol


Related District Publication:

BUL-4948.2 Medical Clearance and Return to Play Guidelines for Students Participating in Interscholastic 

BUL-6429.3 Athletic Rules and Regulations


 Initial Planning Template


 Elementary - Information for Sub School Nurses


Secondary - Information for Sub School Nurses


Time Card - Nursing Services
District Nursing Absence Reporting Procedures - click here to download
Certicate of Absence and Other Payroll Forms (linked to the Payroll Administration website)
Pre-Approval for Additional Work Time (Z-Time) 
 Worked Hours Reporting - Z-Time Form (fund column will be completed by the Immediate Supervisor)

English  |  Spanish



VI Referral Form


District Reference Guide:

REF-5527.0 - Visually Impaired Program: Referral, Assessment, and Scope of Service

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