• History of EDSSL: Background and Context

    The District’s evaluation processes, Educator Development and Support: Teachers (EDST) and Educator Development and Support: School Leaders (EDSSL), incorporate promising practices in coaching and encourage professional reflection and growth to ensure all students have access to high quality teachers and school leaders.


    Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, LAUSD implemented a new growth and development process for school principals. Through a two-year pilot process, working with over 200 principal volunteers and 65 directors, the LAUSD team collaboratively built a common language around school leader effectiveness using research and evidence-based tools and processes. As part of the LAUSD-AALA Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Educator Development and Support: School Leaders, 2016-2017, beginning in 2016-2017, assistant principals (Assistant Principals Generic Elementary and Secondary and Assistant Principals Secondary Counseling) are now evaluated using the EDSSL process.


    The continued expansion of EDSSL for school site administrators will ensure increased focus on the leadership practices prioritized in the School Leadership Framework.