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     Sports Physical Exams

    School Physician-related health services are available District-wide on a limited basis upon request. Below is a general list of services facilitated by LAUSD school physicians located in each Local District area.
    Medical Exams and Appraisal for:
      • Students with special health needs in special education instruction.
      • Pre-participation sports clearance for interscholastic sports and 
        Special Olympics.
      • Infants and toddlers with special needs who may be eligible for early 
        intervention services. 
      • Children who need a school entry exam and do not have access to a 
        regular medical provider.
    Related Services: 
      • Confer with school personnel, students' physicians, and parents 
        regarding classroom placement and/or management of various health 
      • Diastat Training
      • OT/PT Related Services
      • Issue medical permits/exclusions/exemptions/sports participation 
        waivers when necessary.
      • Provide and/or arrange emergency care of students ill or injured at 
      • Provide medical consultation to local district personnel, special 
        education staff, and nurse in the assigned districts.
      • Provide clinical supervision to nurse practitioners and medical 
    Requests for Services:
    Requests for services are usually initiated, and/or coordinated through the onsite school nurse, appropriate designated school personnel, and/or District Nursing. Generally, requests are screened, assessed, and approved by the Local District attending school physician.
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