2017 - 2018 School Year

  • Fall 2017 Student Advisory Council Meeting Agendas and Recaps


    September 14, 2017- Agenda

    On September 14, Board Member Schmerelson and staff launched the first Board District 3 Student Advisory Council meeting of the school year. Special guests for the evening were L.A. Unified Student Member of the Board, Benjamin Holtzman, and Executive Officer of the Board, Jefferson Crain.

    Benjamin passionately encouraged student activism, community advocacy and civic engagement. He discussed the power behind student voices, the influence young adults have on their campuses, and challenged the attending Juniors to apply to be the next Student Member of the Board. Student Member of the Board applications and the election cycle begin during the Spring Semester and are open to qualifying Juniors as the position is held during the chosen student's Senior year of high school.
    Mr. Crain provided a primer presentation on the size and scope of the school district, providing sticker shock facts and figures to students. For example, students were surprised to find out that the annual budget for electricity costs for the District is approximately $90 million. Among “fun facts” about the District, and summaries of the duties of Board Members, Mr. Crain detailed the process for Regular Board Meeting preparation. Students experienced a hands-on exercise with Board Meeting materials – often 6-inch plus sized notebooks. The books contain lengthy reports concerning District and school site budgeting, facilities construction planning and critical repair projects, approval of all District contracts, instructional and curriculum initiatives, charter school oversight and many other fiscal and policy matters. Students appreciated the volume and complexity of decision-making that Board Members prepare for and execute each month.

    The time and attention from all the BD 3 high school student representatives is deeply appreciated and we salute their commitment to civic engagement and willingness to share their unique perspectives with the Council each month.


    October 14, 2017- Agenda

    The second Board District 3 SAC meeting of the year was held on October 12 and focused on navigating college choices and preparing for college application procedures.

    District staff, presented a useful range of tools and resources available to students. Alison Yoshimoto-Towery, Director of Instructional Operations, Heather Brown, District College Counseling Coordinator, and Janet Johnson, Local District Northwest College Counseling Coordinator, shared a power-point presentation that included a formal walkthrough of Naviance, a software program designed to help students find the college or career pathway suitable for their academic goals and interests. This is a new program that the District is providing for students and is currently being rolled out at our schools.

    Also reviewed were details of the Senior Packet (a.k.a. the College Packet), which includes information about grants, the UC and CSU application processes, and a checklist of tasks to prepare for college. This packet is available at all school sites and is a valuable resource for our students that was created this year by Superintendent Dr. Michelle King’s office.

    Mr. Gary Clark Jr., the Director of Undergraduate Admissions from UCLA, shared with students his unique insight into the admissions process of the UC system. He discussed the need for rigor and success in a student’s academic profile, but also spoke about alternative pathways to a university, such as the "transfer student" option. He explained to the students that the UC system admits one transfer student for every two first-year admitted students. Although Mr. Clark is Director of Admissions for UCLA, he made it clear that it is important to find the best school that fits the individual student, and advised them all to extensively research program offerings.

    Board Member Schmerelson will continue to bring useful resources, information and engaging discussion to the BD 3 SAC throughout the year.










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