• Spring 2017 Student Advisory Council Meeting Agendas and Recaps


    February 16, 2017- Agenda

    On February 16, Board Member Scott Schmerelson was pleased to launch the first BD 3 Student Advisory Council (SAC). High School students, from 15 traditional and continuation schools, were appointed by their site leadership to represent their campuses on the Council.

    Mr. Schmerelson and his staff welcomed students and discussed the purpose of the SAC and the value of Council participation for the Board Member, the students, and our school District.

    A very special guest speaker at the meeting was Karen Calderon, a student at Hamilton HS who currently serves as the Student Member of the Board of Education. Local District Superintendents Vivian Ekchian and Linda Del Cueto were also present to greet students and to describe the roles of their offices and support staff.

    School Board Member Schmerelson enjoys working with the students through their monthly participation and appreciates the opportunity to hear student concerns, experiences, and unique perspectives regarding District policies and practices and their impact on students.

    March 16, 2017-Agenda

    Thursday, March 17th, was the second meeting of the Board District 3 Student Advisory Council. Students met and interacted with Student John John Huddleston– a North Hollywood High School Representative from Superintendent Michelle King’s Advisory Council.
    The meeting focused on a discussion of the Arts as Essential to a well-rounded education.  Over 20 students from BD 3 Schools convened with Board Member Schmerelson, exploring the answers to questions such as, How does your campus involve the Arts into your educational experience? What programs does your school currently have? Which would you like to see?  We thank our guest speaker LAUSD K-12 Arts Coordinator, Dr. Steven McCarthy, for presenting an engaging discussion with the students regarding the expansive role Arts Education plays in multiple ways.

    April 20, 2017- Agenda 

    Thursday, April 20th, was this year’s third meeting of the Board District 3 Student Advisory Council.  The meeting focused on the importance of LAUSD nutrition policies and school cafeteria meal choices.
    Student representatives, from BD 3 Schools, joined Board Member Schmerelson to explore issues such as:
    • What role does nutrition have in your school?
    • What do you know about food services at LAUSD? 
    The guest speaker for the meeting was Mr. Joseph Vaughn, Director of LAUSD Food Services Division. He explained the process for developing a meal plan for the entire District that, in addition to healthy traditional foods, includes a revolving menu of vegetarian, meatless, and other diverse food options.  Students were surprised to learn that the cost of each meal served is approximately $3.10.  Students were also fascinated by an explanation of the federally mandated guidelines that Food Services must follow.  For example, Mr. Vaughn explained that water cannot be offered as a drink option because all beverages must have a “nutritional value,” and water does not provide any specific nutrients.
    We thank Mr. Vaughn for delivering an engaging presentation to our the student representatives about the transformative role of food at L.A. Unified schools.