Budget Planning 2017-2018

  • The school budget must be based on the assessed needs of participating students as determined in the comprehensive needs assessment and detailed in the consolidated school plan to improve student achievement. The most efficient use of resources which support the plan and students' access to the core curriculum should be the rule. The budget should demonstrate a clear relationship between the planned supplemental instructional program and the planned expenditures.
    Each school is provided printouts which summarize historical demographic and budget information. This information identifies trends that have occurred over the past three years and may be useful in planning more effective instructional strategies. Schools are advised to restructure budget expenditures if students are not showing signs of academic improvement.

    2017-2018 Budget Development Materials for Categorical Programs

    District Special Resources

Interactive Program and Budget Handbook

Program and Budget Handbook

Title I Cheat Sheet

  • Title I Cheat Sheet

    The Title I Cheat Sheet is designed to provide guidance to school site personnel that are responsible for purchasing and reconciling with Title I funds. It contains procedures, deadlines, and specifies necessary documentation needed when conducting transactions with Title I funds.

    Revised 11-7-2017

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