• TLF Focus Element Selection (3+3+1)


    The TLF focus elements to be rated as part of the Formal Observation Cycle shall be limited to seven for each teacher, all of which are to be drawn from the 15 LAUSD Teaching and Learning Framework Focus Elements.  Of the seven, three will be designated by the District, three will be selected by the teacher, and one will be cooperatively selected by the teacher and evaluator. This significant change represents an increased opportunity for teacher choice and collaboration with school site administrator on the teaching practices that will be rated. For more information on how these seven are selected, see below.  

    3 District Unified Focus Elements
    The following three TLF Focus Elements from Standard 3 have been selected by the District. All teachers will be evaluated on these three TLF Focus Elements.
    Discussion Techniques and Student Participation
    Standards-Based Projects, Activities, and Assignments
    Feedback to Students
    3 Teacher-Selected Focus Elements
    An additional 3 TLF Focus Elements will be selected by the teacher.  Teachers may select any three elements from the remaining twelve TLF Focus Elements.
    1 Cooperatively-Selected Focus Elements
    One additional TLF Focus Element will be cooperatively selected by the teacher and administrator from the remaining nine TLF Focus Elements.