• Observation of Practice

    As part of the EDST process, teaching practice is oserved throughout the school year by trained and certified administrators during the Formal Observation and Growth Plan Visit, as well as any other classroom visits conducted throughout the year. Evidence of teaching practice is collected using the LAUSD Teaching and Learning Framework (TLF).

    The TLF anchors the District’s instructional vision. The TLF provides concrete descriptions of the levels of performance for each of the elements. The rubric includes descriptions of four levels of practice: 
    • Level 1 (Ineffective Practice) – Teaching shows evidence of not understanding the concepts underlying the component and/or may represent practice that is harmful to students. Ineffective practice requires intervention.
    • Level 2 (Developing Practice) – Teaching shows evidence of knowledge and skills related to teaching, but inconsistent performance is noted during the observation.
    • Level 3 (Effective Practice) - Teaching shows evidence of thorough knowledge of all 
      aspects of the profession. Students are engaged in learning. This is successful, accomplished, professional, and effective teaching.
    • Level 4 (Highly Effective Practice) – Classroom functions as a community of learners with student assumption of responsibility for learning. (Please note that teachers do not receive this rating during the EDST process.) 
    To learn more about the TLF, please visit the Teaching and Learning Framework section.
    Image of teacher in front of classroom students