• Crisis Counseling and Intervention Services

  • Crisis Counseling and Intervention Services (CCIS), from the Division of Student Health & Human Services, School Mental Health, is dedicated to restoring and maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for the students and staff of the LA Unified (LAUSD). CCIS staff provides crisis response and recovery services in partnership across multiple LA Unified Departments, the Los Angeles School Police Department, as well as community stakeholders and agencies. 


    For support and consultation, contact School Mental Health Crisis Counseling and Intervention Services at 213.241.3841, Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm.

    EMERGENCY INFORMATION / After Hours Services
    If you need IMMEDIATE help, please call 911.
    For a psychiatric emergency, contact one of the following agencies:

      •  Los Angeles School Police Department (213) 625-6631
      •  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24-hour (800) 273-8255
      •  Department of Mental Health 24-hour ACCESS Center (800) 854-7771
      •  School Mental Health - LAUSD smh.lausd.net
      •  Suicide Prevention - LAUSD suicideprevention.lausd.net
      •  Human Relations, Diversity & Equity - LAUSD humanrelations.lausd.net
      •  National Child Traumatic Stress Network nctsn.org
      •  CA Victims Assistance victimcompensation.ca.gov
  • Contact


    Pia V. Escudero

    333 S. Beaudry Ave. 29th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    P: (213) 241-3841

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