• Special Education Counseling

    Special Education Counseling
    SMH/SpEd Program provides Educationally Related Intensive Counseling Services (ERICS), a mandated service that has beenprescribed in students’ IEPs, to students across LAUSD. SpEd PSWs are required to provide the prescribed minutes of counseling for each assigned student, as stated in their IEPs. SpEd PSWs are not responsible for seeing students outside of their caseload assignment. SpEd is a program within School Mental Health, but funded via the Division of Special Education. SpEd Services are documented in Welligent Service Tracking System.

    ERICS is designed to address: “student(s) whose social-emotional and behavioral needs are documented to be more significant in frequency, duration, or intensity; affect their ability to benefit from their special education program; and are manifested at school, at home, and in the community.” (BUL 5577.1) ERICS students present with the most severe behavioral and emotional symptomatology, and the provision of ERICS is often the last effort to prevent the need for a more restrictive environment.

    ERICS: A Brief, Intensive, Counseling Service
    SMH will carefully review all ERICS students, on an ongoing basis, to determine the degree to which they can have their minutes reduced and/or be stepped-down to PUC in order to maximize academic time and return students to the Least Restrictive Service as soon as appropriate.

    This will be determined utilizing the following measures:

    A reduction in
       • Marked isolation and social impairment;
       • Self-injurious behavior;
       • Significant aggression toward people and/or animals;
       • Pattern of repeated negativistic and defiant behavior;
       • Significant negative impact on school performance by home and living 
       • Risk of/recent psychiatric hospitalizations;
       • Marked or major depression;
    Information will be obtained via
       • Trauma, Depression and Anxiety symptom scores from clinical instruments 
       • Parent and Teacher report
    New ERICS students’ cases will be evaluated by the assigned PSW during the first 30 days to determine if the service is appropriate and to align the course of treatment and service delivery with the IEP.

    Each student’s progress toward a step-down will be internally reviewed at the beginning of each year, February, and May.

    All cases considered for step-down will be reviewed with the SMH SpEd Administrator, prior to presentation to school-site administrators and Psych. Services personnel.

    For more information, please contact 
    Joshua Kaufman
    SMH Coordinator
    (213) 241-8674
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    Interim Director:

    Rowena Lagrosa 

    333 S. Beaudry Ave. 29th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    P: (213) 241-3841

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